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You know my name, John Charles Hathaway, and you've probably guessed that I live in Baltimore, MD. As for the French Surrender thing, I borrowed that from The Onion, a favorite publication of mine.

I went to college to study painting and loved it, but later found a true passion for the graphic arts. I'm constantly amazed at the variety of ideas and methods designers use to solve the challenge of making a product or service as attractive as possible to consumers. Logos are like little paintings, and print materials should look like museum brochures. A great product or service deserves to be marketed in the right way and through the course of my work, I've learned what works, what doesn't work, and the difference between the two.

In addition to the freelance work shown on this site, I've worked as a designer for such companies as Bankers Trust, MetroMedia Publications, and TBC Inc.; working for clients ranging from small roofing companies to international investment firms.

I love what I do. I get to listen to music all day and dream up designs for some of the coolest clients in the country, many of which have become good friends in the process.

Shoot me an Email if you'd like to discuss a project you have that needs help looking like it should so it can start selling like it should.

John Charles Hathaway